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Define, Set, and Track Sustainabiltiy KPIs for your School

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schools with affordable access to the world's most widely adopted ESG software solution.

What is Measruabl?

Serving more than 13 billion square feet of commercial real estate in more than 90 countries, Measurabl is the industry’s most widely adopted ESG software solution

Measurabl Partners

“Having the data is key, and we can do much more with it now that it is all at our fingertips.”

Justus Wiedemann,

Executive Director and Group Sustainability Officer

Why Measurabl for Schools?

Its operational value to schools - cost savings, decarbonisation, tracking performance , historical data storage

Access to world's most widely adopted ESG software solution

5 Key Value Adds for Schools


School-to-School Sustainability Performance Comparison


Access to a network of annonymous school utility data to determine your school's operational effeciency.

Filter and compare your school's sustainability perfomance data against others locally, regionally or interntionally.

View your perfomance ranking against other schools across: carbom, energy and water usage intensity.

Save and export comparative analysis for offline review.



Waste Reducation and Decarbonisation Scenario Planning


Set and track waste and carbon reduction KPI's.

Create scenario models for waste and carbon reduction to forecast and monitor sustainability targets.

Track and analyse scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions from utility consumption.



Sustainability Data Visualisation


Customisable trend analysis for sustainability perfomance metrics.

Easy-to-use data visualisation tool for quick data access and analysis.

Subcategory sustainability perfomance comparisions such as waste streams and energy types i.e. renewable energy.

Insight into utility usage, costs and school occupancy.



Teaching and Learning Tool


Provides students with hands-on experience using industry standard ESG software.

Utilise school meter-level waste, energy and water data as an educational resource for the school community.

Create customisable reports which can used s a teaching or learning resource in the classroom.



Operational Benefits


Cost-savings realised from energy effecient appliances.

Automated utility data collection and verification.

Stores and organises historical utility data.

Explore green building certifications like LEED, BREEAM, ENERGY STAR, and manage assset-level projects, audits and ratings.


Product Screenshot

Combining operations, education, and technology to create a unique project-based learning opportunity for students

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Procurement & Waste

Food & Food Waste

Buildings & Grounds


Stakeholder Engagement

Community Engagement

Envisioning the future we want

Governance & Decision Making


'Measurabl' Behaviour Change Package

Behaviour Change Policy Writing - Sustainability KPI Setting and Tracking - Data Reporting - Termly Workshops

Package Overview


USD 3,500

*USD 40,000 direct purchase for Premium platform subscription through measurabl.

Subscription Details


  • Intro to Measurabl
  • Account set-up
  • Key functionaility and tools Onboarding of data
  • Graph preparation

Workshop 1

  • Come with (x) graphs prepared
  • Brainstorm behaviour change opportunities (guided)
  • Identify pre-exisiting sustainability policies and evaluate effectiveness
  • Policy introduction and writing
  • Write (x) number of policies

Workshop 2

  • Come with (x) graphs prepared
  • Assess impact of policies, identifying what works, what doesn't and why
  • Reshape less successful policies
  • Write (x) number of policies
  • Set KPIs?

Workshop 3

  • Come with (x) graphs prepared
  • Assess overall success of policie
  • Compare data with KPIs
  • Determine what policies can be carried over into next school year

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Emma graduated with distinction from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Biochemistry. Since graduating, she has worked in the education sector throughout Asia.

She has experience in Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience, SDG-Academy. In Emma’s spare time she wrote for an environmental think-tank, covering topics ranging from sustainable diets and lifestyles to biodiversity loss and conservation initiatives. Through her work at Metanoia, Emma is fulfilling a lifelong ambition of working in sustainability for education. She is currently working on applied sustainability audits in schools with the aim of helping them become net-zero institutions.

Her areas of interest include sustainability education, biodiversity loss, sustainable diets, and plastic pollution.

Kiran is an Environment and Sustainability masters graduate from Monash University, Australia. As a former digital marketer, she has experience in project management, campaign execution and brand development for multiple start-up companies.

Through Metanoia, she has applied her knowledge in sustainability communications and stakeholder engagement to drive behaviour change and whole school engagement within schools across Asia. Kiran also brings waste expertise to the team from auditing, reporting and providing innovative and circular solutions. Outside of work, Kiran likes to engage in environmental activism; from working with non-profits to reduce plastic pollution, to advocating for animal rights.

Her passion lies in water sanitation and sustainable agricultural practices.